Where do you want to go?

When planning your next adventure the most useful tool at your disposal is Instagram! Now this is because you can get a first person view at what countries and certain locations are really like. You can explore the world at the touch of a button, get ideas and find places you never knew existed … like I did, just the other day.


How much time do you have?

As much as we’d love to spend months to a year on the road, for some of us, this just isn’t possible, but I do recommend you do this at some point in your life. Many people want to make the most of their time in a place, so If you only have 3 days to spare flying around the globe may not be the best idea.

What is your budget?

This for me is never really a worry. As no matter the budget you can still really enjoy the places that you visit, maybe just in different ways than those with the big bucks to spend. Nevertheless, this is something you have to figure out when planning your getaway. Good alternatives to Hotels are Air Bnb, Holiday rentals, Room rentals, Hostel or Couchsurfing.

How will you get there?

So obviously if you are traveling thousands of miles to a far away destination, it’s probably best to take a plane. Although if you find yourself traveling a bit closer to home, sometimes it works out well to get trains too. Living in London gives me great Eurostar access right into Europe any time of the day, which would work great for any city worker who might not want to lose any getaway time. Trains are also a great way of seeing a lot of a country quickly or (via night train) a great way to save on a nights accommodation.

How to make the most out of where I’m going?

For me, I like to seek out the most picturesque locations or even the best places to meet and socialize with locals. For this, again, I would look to Instagram but this time add in some blogs. They are a great alternative to traveling sites giving you on hand information and tips about countries!

Do you guys have any Questions you think I’ve missed out, or would even like answered? Comment Below!