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Australia’s bushfires are still burning, with an estimated one billion animals killed, more than six million hectares of land turned to ash, 2,000 homes destroyed and at least 27 people killed. The blazes are the worst Australia has ever witnessed and the catastrophe is far from over, with the south-east of the country only just entering what is usually considered the most dangerous time of year for wildfires.

Australia overlaid to the USA. Depicting range of wildfires.

Entire towns have been engulfed in flames, and residents across several states have lost their homes. The heaviest structural damage occurred in NSW, the country’s most populated state, where 1,588 homes have been destroyed and over 650 damaged.

In total, more than 7.3 million hectares (17.9 million acres) have been burned across Australia’s six states — an area larger than the countries of Belgium and Denmark combined. The worst-affected state is NSW, with more than 4.9 million hectares (12.1 million acres) burned.

WWF Australia estimates that one billion animals have been killed, directly or indirectly, by the fires. This includes koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, gliders, cockatoos and honeyeaters. However, until the fires subside it’s impossible to know the true extent of the damage. The real number of animals killed could be much higher if invertebrates are included.

Your donated funds will go towards helping aid in both environmental and humanitarian support desperately needed on the ground.


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