I’m sure like me, many of you guys have dreamt of that all time epic road trip! Well now I want to at least try and figure mine out, and I would love your help!


I’m going to have to travel in one general direction right? Let’s say we start from Los Angeles and end nearly 3000 miles east, New York City. This way I will have a shorter flight home…and let’s be honest I get to look relative good in the sun before gorging on all that heavy American cuisine.

The Stopovers

(Note these may not be in order because as much as I love to travel I’m actually not that great at geography.)

Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve always wanted to try out my well be it limited luck, at the famous Vegas strip! Along with its massive buffets, shows, and events this one has to be on everyone’s list.

I guess everyone knows why I want to visit here … and incase it’s not entirely obviously, it’s for the epic Grand Canyon National Park. I have always wanted to look out on to this huge natural wonder. Although I should probaby be careful getting to close to the edge as I am terrified of heights.


I could definitely imagine myself standing on that rock…and freaking out.


I’ve always wanted to see the mountainous landscapes of this state, probably ever since I saw that vintage “See America – Welcome to Montana” Poster. That so far is my only reason.

Washington D.C.

Now here’s a place I’ve already visited but definitely would return to. There is still so much I want to see i.e. The Library of Congress. As unlucky as we were, to get there just as it closed on our last day in the city.


Now my reasons behind this stop might be more Fan based than anything else. Who else watches South Park? …well this fictional town is based in Colorado and its sparked my interest in the state and I thought why not?! I mean it is my trip after all. I can already imagine myself snapchatting South Park quotes all over this state.


New Orleans, Louisiana

For any jazz or blues lovers this is probably a must see, the history of this state is filled with the musical greats. Along with their world known Mardi Gras festival and great food I dont think there is any way I could miss this out.


Miami, Florida

I used to travel to america a lot, and when I say a lot I mean pretty much every year for about 14 years. Florida was always one of the places we visited, last year I got the chance to go back after a long time away from the states. This time, as a change from our usual route, I got to spend a few days down in Miami which was great. I was even lucky enough to see a Miami Heat game at American Airlines Arena … I know I’m defintiely doing that again.

So that’s my rough plan so far, of course, I also plan to visit some amazing Americans I met while backpacking, but where else? Maybe I should check out New Mexico or Kansas!

Let me know below: Where do you think I should go, and why?