I got the chance to take a quick weekend away to the beautiful city of Eindhoven recently! If you follow my Instagram I’m sure you saw all the shenanigans I got up to on my story.

Unfortunately, it was freezing (not literally) while I and a friend were over there, but that didn’t stop us from making the most of the time we had there. I didn’t really know what to expect when I was on my way there but I knew when I had left this was an amazing underrated city perfect for that quick – cheap – fast city break that everyone is after nowadays perfect for that busy city worker or student with some free time.

What surprised me about the city, was the dynamic range of environments that you could come across within about 5 to 10 minutes distance from one another, it reminded me of some of the best aspects of London meshed together in a smaller more easily accessible place.

Some of my highlights were:

Blue Collar Hotel:


Dude check out these windows.

This was a really interesting hotel built into an old factory, with a great downstairs Bar/Restaurant to enjoy your evenings. The rooms were quirky and different from the boring old hotel room structure and I found it to be a refreshing change.

Area51: This may be my favourite spot of the city, it’s in fact, a huge skate park… not that I skate. I enjoyed the huge graffiti wall that lined the building and the cool shops and restaurants that lined up the area…one of which is up next.

UrbanShopper: I’m trying to figure out how best to sum this out. How about a contemporary boutique shopping experience which I think will modernise the way future areas will look to house smaller stores. I’ll give you a quick background, so many years ago this are was run down and empty old factories/warehouses went years being abandoned.Now one of these old warehouses is a creative shopping complex filled with huge barrel styled boutique stores, sorta like a twist on the modern market.


When you want to buy all of these things.



What’s your answer? 

Before I die wall: So apparently everyone in the Netherlands cycles. News to me. Well, I sort of knew they did but not the extent I struggled to work their bikes (I can bike, they just have an odd built in locking mechanism … I won’t get into it). Anyway back to the wall, so swerving through the streets like the pro cyclist I am we rode past a “Before I die wall” these always stand out to me because I love to read the different things people would do, and it really gives personality to the people of the city and gives you a bit of insight into their lives.


The Happiness Cafe:


Always having a laugh

This was one of the places I luckily stumbled upon near the end of my time in the city, pretty much just wandering around. The cafe was beautifully quaint serving pretty much what you expect but the lovely staff and outdoor seating with plush cushions really made for a great experience. If you’re ever in the city I would definitely check it out.


So those were my highlights of my fantastic time in Eindhoven, let me know what you think! do you want to know more about city breaks? or do you have places you want me to go see? or have you been to Eindhoven and think I’m way off?