About Flunking Monkey


I am a born and raised Multi-Ethnic Londoner and Biologist who started my blog just as a personal log while travelling solo for the first time in 2016. I soon found more and more people becoming interested in my stories and photographs which soon developed into my travel work you see today.

Travel was always important to me from even a young age, having spent time abroad nearly every year of my life. I soon realised I had a different approach to travel than most people. My background in Biology has given me key insight into scientific factors surrounding environmentalism, conservation and sustainability when it comes to tourism, consumerism and lifestyle.

I have worked in animal conservation in the field from Sea Turtles in Greece to Elephants in Asia, carried out environmental surveys, coauthored a paper on developmental biology and worked as an editor at the worlds largest scientific publisher.

I’ve been featured in International news articles and was recently nominated for Photography Creator of the year

I now truly enjoy creating engaging digital content whether it be visual imagery, videos or articles presenting to my audience a unique perspective of travel, merging sensational experiences with raw issues affecting our planet. My goal is to change the perception of what modern travel means, allowing people to have positive impacts on the areas they travel to without detriment to their experience.

Best, Neel.