Ever been travelling for a long period of time or even a short period of time and realised your fitness has taken a major hit? Well, then you’re not alone! Here are some of my easy tips to ….you know not get really out of shape and still be able to enjoy your time away.

For all you luxury travellers (or those that splurge once in a while)

Most if not all resorts have fitness facilities, use them! Now I’m not saying spend your entire day in there. What I find best is wake up as early as possible, now this will obviously depend on your sleeping habits. This way you can head down to the gym and get a good workout in and not loose those precious hours of sunlight, remember you only need 30 mins for  good work out! Don’t push yourself too hard, try to remember you’re on vacation. (Check out YouTube videos for inspiration)

Side note if you have a Pool use it! Not just for lounging around and drinking in (I know were all a bit guilty of that one). It’s really easy to get a few laps in even a 10-15 minute swim will benefit you!


For those on a bit more of a minimal budget

If you find yourself in more lax accommodation, sometimes your best asset is your smartphone. Find some space in your room where you can work out, sometimes this does include having to move some things around. Log into your App Store and download some free workout apps! Here are some of my recommendations: Keelo – HIIT or Seven – 7 Minute workouts. Now these might not be right for you, I always recommended before going away check out the ‘Health and Fitness’ Category in the store and check out the apps, find one that works best for you, there are tonnes of free ones! Which means you don’t have to break the bank.


There are loads to see and do! Maybe go jogging around local sights, or trek up some hillsides or mountains to get some awesome views.


Not all about the workout

When I go away, I always want to try all the new foods available to me. Sometimes these aren’t always the healthiest options but, go for it, you never know when you’ll find yourself there again. What I try to do is always balance it out!

Drink loads of water (especially if you are in a hot country) many times when you think you’re hungry you’re actually thirsty so keep hydrated 2 litres a day (3 to 4 in hot countries … you’ll be sweating).


If you find yourself in a hot climate go for the fruits! trust me you won’t regret it, they are so much more flavourful compared to back home. You’ll find out about fruits you’ve never heard of before and might even love them!…If all fails who cares! you can make up for it when you’re home haha.


P.S. Don’t forget to bring trainers (sneakers) I know it might be obvious but trust me, I’ve forgotten them before and had to work out barefoot.

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Let me know what your fitness tips are!

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