A Couple of years ago during summer I took the time out to go and volunteer with a conservation program in Greece that specialises in the protection of sea turtles. Apart from the fact, this was such a rewarding experience I got the chance to live on Kefalonia Island for the better part of a month.

The great thing about this island was that it didn’t have a huge tourist industry, only supporting one major hotel, and much of the island was very traditional. The harbour of the town was one of my favourite spots supporting dozens of shops, bakeries, and restaurants.

Another amazing spot was one that wasn’t really listed on any map, it was in
fact, a hidden cove that I came across!


Hidden Cove, Kefalonia

With beautiful waters, pebble beach and cliff diving spots.

I seem to find that when I’m away travelling the places I tend to enjoy most are those that are personal or self-discovered making them more unique and enjoyable!

I haven’t travelled much in Europe but hope to do so much more in the future, what were your favourite spots, or places that made an impact on you?

I want to know all about them!