Why you should think before booking with

Ok, so that may be a bit of an overreaction. Here’s why I regretted and why you should think before booking with 

The Beginning

My journey started when I looked toward booking a quick getaway into Europe. As I tend to be quite indecisive I changed my choice destinations quite a few times. It had gone from Nimes to Nice , Murcia to Barcelona and adding in Lisbon and Faro into the mix.

The Search

When It comes to looking for flights I’m a die-hard user of Skyscanner. From experience, they do tend to give you the lowest prices, sometimes even £1-2 lower than those listed on Now as I knew I didn’t want to keep flying back to the UK I decided just to fly from each destination to the next. Luckily or unluckily for me, Skyscanner has a multi-stop search function, allowing me easily to place my destinations and dates I’m looking to travel between. After tweaking my search to what appeared to be the cheapest dates Skyscanner displayed to me a list of flights! Great these were all direct flights between my destinations on the dates I was looking to travel. Now the price was alright, a decent amount (for the number of flights I would be taking…or so I thought).

Skyscanner Multi-Stop Search - Think before booking with
An example of a Multi-Stop Skyscanner search

As those who have used Skyscanner in the past know, after you flights are listed you can proceed to book them with the suggested websites below. For me, only one option appeared: I clicked through and saw that booking with gave me the ability to book all my flights at once! Only enter my passport details once and pay!

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 15.06.48.png
An example of the one site display, showing

Success? or Not?

I thought at the time how great! Why aren’t more people using this company? Obviously a bit sceptical I looked at their reviews on Trust Pilot with 95% of them overwhelmingly positive, knowing most people had a good experience with them I was confident enough to book my flight. Once completed, everything went smoothly! I received a booking processing email followed shortly by a confirmation email. Homepage - Think before booking with

Trust Piolt -- Think before booking with


Wait. Hold on a minute. I’ve only looked at the flight using Skyscanner multi-stop function. It will be fine, booking with must have been the cheapest choice right?! I mean Skyscanner gave them as the only option to select from offering them as the cheapest price.

Well, no harm in checking? WRONG! After entering my flight in multitabbed single searches on Skyscanner, I realised that by booking my flights separately I would have saved £70! Now I know this isn’t a lot of money but considering I travel a fair bit this could have been an extra trip!


Coming to the realisation I’d been had, I decided to call with their 24/7 support. In my mind I’m thinking it’ll be fine they’ll be able to sort this out for me. Again I need to stop believing in the best of companies like this, obviously given the title of this post I was WRONG!

After being unable to get through to them for a good hour, I ended the call, I had work to be getting back too. I decided to call them again the following day in hopes of being put through to someone. Calling the next day I was placed through to a customer service operative a lot quicker within 10 minutes in fact. I hilariously had a bit of a panic as I assumed I would have another long wait, so I had the phone on speaker on the other side of the room … Having to run over to clarify presence and unflustered myself to be able to explain the problem to them.

Here is where it gets interesting! I speak to the customer service agent and I state the issue to them. I inform them that I booked my flight through and paid an extra £70 that I would have saved had I booked my flights separately. I asked if the would honour the correct prices of these flight? I was immediately shut down and told No. I asked why and they stated that “prices always change” which of course I know they do, but I checked immediately after my confirmation came through. I was then provided with the same generic response, flight prices change consistently “our prices are prices” which shocked me slightly.

Many established travel companies, such as Expedia and Last minute to name a few offer a price match services even after booking, I was shocked that did not offer a similar service.

I exclaimed that this was terrible business practice, to which a response I was shocked to hear and found hilarious at the same time. “ are a company and they have to make money somehow”. At this point I’m beyond done with trying to debate with this customer service agent, I explained how that’s even worse practice to take advantage of your customers and there are better practices even enforced by similar agencies that are much more successful than you … Now I can see why.

Usually I would try and fight to the end, however, I could see this company and its practices ones that were stringently enforced, would not be subject to criticism.

What now.

In hindsight, I look at it as a blessing in disguise. I know now that care very little about their customers and are in the business solely for monetary gain and this is obviously not a company I would like to assist meeting its goal.

I would recommend that people learn from simple mistakes that even as an experienced traveller I make! When looking at multiple destinations always check for your flights both as a group and separately to see if you can make a worthwhile saving!

Saying all that I know there are positives to booking with such as the ease of booking multiple flights all at once, the ability to manage all your flight bookings in one place. I just don’t think that these “benefits” are worth the excess amount you will pay for flights, booking through their website! I hope going forward improve their current business practices towards customer service and inflating prices.

Well, I hope you guys found this guide article useful! Let me know below if you have any questions!

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