Winter Edit – London

I’m an Islander. Regardless of the fact, the island I was born on is the usually cold and dismal U.K. Trust me I am much more suited towards the tropics, which also goes for my wardrobe. I mean who wouldn’t want the constant sunshine? Apart from during Christmas when it has to be cold. Yes, it does, sorry to you all in the southern hemisphere. Although I haven’t seen a good Christmas snow in a while.

Cold. Raining. Everything’s Hazy. Perfect summary for London during winter.
Palm Tree manual edit.jpg
Doesn’t Life in the sun just seem more appealing? – Clearwater, FL.

Sometimes I have to deal with the fact I’m going to be stuck in the cold probably until I either spontaneously take another trip or until spring comes around. So I better get prepared, as London has a lot of amazing places to see and experience and I intend to do just that. Where the Jumpers at?

I actually haven’t had the opportunity to purchase many new clothes lately, probably a mixture of me being too lazy and refusing to accept that I’m going to be in the cold for a while. So when I did get the chance I jumped at this:

Limited Edition – Collared Neck Mac – Marks and Spencer

The reasons I like it so much is because it’s light weight and also works perfectly for that transition from winter to spring. It’s also my first Mac style jacket, I’ve always loved the ones that Burberry designed but they were always out of my price range! I did feel this was a good compromise. The cut is brilliant, it’s not too overbearing, which I find can happen really easily with jackets, and when you have quite a rounded frame like me they don’t really do you any justice.

Check out the Item here:
 Tip: Go for a size smaller than you usually do. 
I find with M&S jackets they tend to oversize.

It feels so good to be writing again, now that I’ve finally put words to screen I have so many new ideas flowing. I’m already thinking of my next post! So Until then guys!


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  • Clare

    I too hate the winters in the UK. I decided this year I couldn’t do another winter, so I came to Peru for 3 months. Unfortunately it’s the rainy season here so kind of like being in England!! Looking very smart in your new outfit 🙂

  • Dylan

    Love the coat! I’m living in a southern state in the US that doesn’t really have much of a winter so a light jacket like this is great.

  • Zaynab Moulahid

    Nice coat ! good quality pictures too ! I would love to visit London one day ,it’s expensive but it’s worth . I’m from Morocco the weather isn’t as rainy as London’s , But winter is my favourite season !

  • jujevyle

    I am from the Philippines. So obviously we had a hard time adjusting a very cold weather. Yes, I always love summer.

  • Penny

    I haven’t seen a Christmas snow white in my entire lifetime! It is a dream.. One day I hope I will see a white Christmas! Great article btw!

  • stylishtravlr

    Thats a great outfit 🙂 and yeah I live in London as well and the weather is not too great at the moment. All you can wear is your winter jacket and rain boots. I would love to escape for some tropical island at the moment ! 🙂

  • Kat

    You know, in Poland there was – 25 degrees, so I don’t complain about winter in the UK. But would be lovely to have some snow here. I like your outfit, you look really stylish!

  • Ashwathy Manimala

    I liked your jacket, it’s very nice. It doesn’t snow here, so would love to visit during the christmas when snow falls. It was nice reading post.:)

  • Sushmita Thakare Jain

    Lovely pictures!
    And liked the jacket looks amazing 😉

  • Loudy

    I really like the coat very stylish & also the shoes

  • Digital Travel Guru

    lol I’m from UK London & I hate the cold & your jacket is lovely ????

  • Migs&Alaine Alejandrino

    That’s a nice coat! If you’re and Islander, I am pretty sure you’ll love the Philippines. 🙂

  • radhika17

    If you had been living in my state, you’d want a life in the winters! ????
    London looks beautiful. Wonder when I’d get a chance to go there.
    And, your outfit is amazing, it’s like it was made for you!
    Expressing Life

  • Nisha

    I’m an islander too…the same kind unfortunately ha. Although I went to Boracay Island recently and boy, that’s my kind of island! I MIGHT just elope and never come back, its beautiful! Have you been? If not, check it out!!

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